Uncle Wiggily’s Adventures

Howard R. Garis

What?! You’ve never heard of Uncle Wiggily, the gentleman rabbit who’s been delighting children and adults for more than a century with his clever tricks and narrow escapes? We’re shocked and dismayed!

Fortunately, one need only digest this fond tribute to the 1915 print edition to be cured at once.

Join Mr. Longears—and his many animal friends and relations—as he goes in search of his fortune, only to be menaced by hungry bears, a bad-tempered giant, and an owl who wants to make him into sandwiches to serve with tea! Those are only a few of the dangers that await poor Uncle Wiggily as he navigates his way through these 31 gripping stories.

BONUS: This exclusive DBP edition includes two completely different endings, published three years apart, plus a brand-new foreword.