Pinocchio’s Forgotten Land

Scott Mignola

What became of Pinocchio after his beloved fairy transformed him into a real boy? Was he a comfort to his father? Were his days of mischief and disobedience behind him? Hardly!

This marvelously insane, true-to-the-original sequel picks up where the 1883 original left off, taking readers on a wild ride through enchanted woods, back to the City of Simple Simons, and into the afterlife itself as Pinocchio chases after a lost fortune and searches desperately for his fairy mother, who he fears is dying of disappointment—all due to him!

Some favorite characters return, accompanied by a parade of new ones, including a lovely enchantress, a monstrous crab, and a man with a bull’s head who perhaps sums it up best: “By the Emperor’s whiskers, I swear I have never seen such a thing.”

This companion volume to The Adventures of Pinocchio features a beautiful cover and title plate illustration by acclaimed Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, produced exclusively for Dog Boy Productions.

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