Ghosts I Have Met, and Some Others

John Kendrick Bangs

“For three hours the thing and I conversed, and not once during that time did my hair stop pulling away at my scalp, or the repugnance cease to run in great rolling waves up and down my back. If I wished to deceive you, I might add that pin-feathers began to grow from the goose-flesh, but that would be a lie, and lying and I are not friends, and, furthermore, this paper is not written to amaze, but to instruct.”

What a lovely, peculiar gem it is that turn-of-the-century American humorist John Kendrick Bangs left us back in 1898. What’s it about? you ask. Well, if we’re to take the author at his word, it’s a lively account of Mr. Bangs’ run-ins with a great many supernatural nuisances. Or maybe it’s a diverting collection of seven stories that run the gamut from the absurd to the downright chilling. Either way, you’re sure to be delighted.

Our affectionate tribute to the first print edition features high-resolution scans of all 23 original plate illustrations, a Frivolous Reading Group Guide, and a new foreword by Pinocchio’s Forgotten Land author Scott Mignola.